Nostalgia EP

by Nicholas Berlincourt

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These three original songs represent a nostalgic time for me. As they were the core three songs I have written and played for the last two years or so. I wrote them in a very weird time in my life. I don't get around to releasing anything much, but this should have been put out a long time ago. Tracks 4 and 5 are just covers, but I hope you enjoy them anyways.


released March 12, 2014

Nicholas Berlincourt - Lyrics on Tracks 1-3, Vocals on tracks 1-5, Guitar on tracks 1-5.
Douglas Werkman - Keys on "N64", Lyrics & Guitar on "Colorado."
Jacob Salentine - Instrumental Intro on "Colorado."



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Nicholas Berlincourt Coldwater, Michigan


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Track Name: Colorado (Bukowski)
You sound just like Bukowski, My friend
& your windows have all rusted from never
opening them
well, you look just like a Rorshach masterpiece
'cause no one can figure out what, you're
'sposed to be.
& the only thing...

That you feel like doin' is sittin around in
Well at least it keeps you warm when you're
Well, hey hey hey

You've gone away
Colorado Calls your name
Sometimes I run out of things to say
My mind's shaking, and i'm oh
so afraid

You used to paint, all your
thoughts away
& the rain would come, and
wash them all away
You never used to really
give a shit
& now you're so caught up it's
Well, hey hey hey

You've gone away
Colorado calls your name
Sometimes I run out of things to say
My mind's shaking, and i'm oh
so afraid

The little things are put back where they should be
But I am still here, as long as I can be
Sometimes there's only one chance (Don't look back, don't look back)
I can't even listen to Death Cab
Without Getting sad
Track Name: Maybe Next Time
"Maybe there was somethin'I was missin'
Maybe there was somethin' I couldn't find in myself, in my dreams.
Did you know that there was a chapter in psychology that
maybe, we missed?

Maybe next time, we'll figure ourselves out
& Maybe next time, we'll realize why we're so full of doubt
Maybe next time we'll talk ourselves back down..
but i'm not gonna hold on for that.

Maybe there was somethin' I could forget to say
Maybe there was nothin' left to chase away.
I never changed for no one.
I only remember how I used to feel

Back then when you kissed me and you left
I was standing on the porch, drunk as shit.
Maybe if you let go, I could go away from here
but i'm not gonna hold my breathe, my dear."